lavender thyme iced “tea”

Hi there-

Long time no see! My life lately has been overwhelmed, between work, our new kitty, Pancake, looking for/buying a house, etc.

As we are getting ready to move next week, I’m trying to take a moment and slow down and enjoy every moment. For me, this means a nice herby drink.

I was going to make a lemonade, but realized while my water was heating up that I didn’t have any lemons. In comes the thyme/lavender!

I used honey that I got from a recent trip to Florida, at a farmers market in Celebration. What a weird vibe!!

I probably used a teaspoon and a half of honey, 2 sprigs of fresh thyme, and a teaspoon of lavender. obviously this is so subjective to the flavors you like. If you like more floral, add more lavender. I let it steep for probably 20 minutes, added ice and enjoyed.

I chilled my glass, which is why it looks so frosty 🙂

I love how refreshing this drink is!! Warm weather, here we come!

XO Bethany