lavender thyme iced “tea”

Hi there-

Long time no see! My life lately has been overwhelmed, between work, our new kitty, Pancake, looking for/buying a house, etc.

As we are getting ready to move next week, I’m trying to take a moment and slow down and enjoy every moment. For me, this means a nice herby drink.

I was going to make a lemonade, but realized while my water was heating up that I didn’t have any lemons. In comes the thyme/lavender!

I used honey that I got from a recent trip to Florida, at a farmers market in Celebration. What a weird vibe!!

I probably used a teaspoon and a half of honey, 2 sprigs of fresh thyme, and a teaspoon of lavender. obviously this is so subjective to the flavors you like. If you like more floral, add more lavender. I let it steep for probably 20 minutes, added ice and enjoyed.

I chilled my glass, which is why it looks so frosty 🙂

I love how refreshing this drink is!! Warm weather, here we come!

XO Bethany

Herbs to plant together pt 1

Hi everyone!

Just popping in real quick to drop some knowledge about herbs! I received an indoor grow light for my wedding (the exact one here– does NOT come with the white planters FYI!), and was able to bring some of my grandma’s sage, oregano and thyme inside of my apartment before she moved (just across town). Although my dad and I had already dried all three, I have found myself working through my dried stash rather quickly.

Of course I started my indoor garden at the end of the growing season and couldn’t find small enough containers in the store, but I found a rosemary plant. I improvised by planting the thyme and oregano, and the rosemary and sage, respectively, in hanging pots from my grandma.

My thyme. The oregano is kind of ugly right now, ha.

According to the Old Farmers Almanac, oregano, rosemary, sage and thyme all grow well together. All four herbs need full sun and well drained soil. If the soil sits too wet, it will cause root rot, so make sure to let the soil fully dry out before planting. I think of all. Four of these herbs as super hardy, and lasting through the fall. Stay tuned for lots of herby recipes to come!

I chopped off half my rosemary to make some gluten free, egg-free lemon rosemary cookies (recipe coming soon!) and made some lemon decorative garland (tutorial coming soon!).

The only pic of my lemon rosemary cookies. So so good and refreshing.

Thanks for reading! More herb posts to come 🙂